live free
live free

Sermon Series: Live Free

Series: Live Free
A series on the biblical understanding of freedom.

July 7
John 8:31-38
Freedom Without, Freedom Within
• No government can make you free if your heart isn’t free. The greatest freedom comes from the gospel.

July 14
Judges 2:6-12
The Danger of Freedom
• Unchecked freedom destroys itself. American society has historically been protected by biblical
worldview and morals. Our freedom in Christ is protected by love.

July 21
Galatians 5:13-15
Free to Love
• The greatest freedom is not unlimited license to do what I want. The greatest freedom is the power to
become who I am. God created us for relationships of love. Therefore, the power to love is the greatest

July 28
2 Samuel 13:1-11
Healing from Sexual Abuse
• The news today is full of reports of sexual abuse. The statistics are staggering 1:4 women and 1:6 men.
This sermon is not about policies or laws. It speaks a word of hope and healing to the person who has
suffered sexual abuse.