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October 3

Overview: From Abraham to John the Baptist.

The history of the Old Testament is full of heroes. But they are heroes who are flawed. This history is more than just names and dates. It is preparing us for a future hero, One who will be "without sin" and who "will never leave us or forsake us." How does the history of the Old Testament and the Intertestamental Period prepare us for the coming of God's Anointed?

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October 10

The Apocrypha

The Catholic Bible contains several additional books not found in our Protestant Bibles. Why? What do these writings tell us about the world Jesus was born into 2,000 years ago?

Reading for Preparation: II Maccabees 7

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October 17

Five Cultures Who Encountered Jesus

Jesus came to a world filled with political, economic, and military factions. What was it about His message that uniquely spoke to Greeks, Romans, Pharisees, and even Desert-Dwellers?

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October 24

The Dead Sea Scrolls

In 1946 a young shepherd boy made the greatest discovery of the modern area. And in doing so, our evidence of the sacred text of scripture was pushed back over 1,000 years. How do these ancient manuscripts confirm our confidence and reliability in our modern English Bibles?

 Reading for Preparation: Dead Sea Scrolls

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October 31

The Pharisees

Jesus encountered one group during his ministry more than any other; the Pharisees. They had many points of agreement with Jesus, but criticized him heavily for his observance of the Sabbath. Who were these separatists of the first century and how should we view them in our day?

 Reading for Preparation: Who were the Pharisees?

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November 7

The Resurrection of the Body

When Jesus asked Martha about her dead brother Lazarus, she responded by saying "I know I will see him at the resurrection." The Pharisees believed in the Resurrection of the Dead, but the Sadducees didn't. How did this doctrine develop over time and what hints are there in the Old Testament to the promise of Eternal Life? 

 Reading for Preparation: I Corinthians 15

 The Development of the Resurrection Doctrine


November 14

The Seasons of Our Lives

The Gospel of Jesus Christ attracted Jews, Greeks, and Romans in the first century. Why was His message so attractive and multi-cultural? And what is there in each of these three cultures that we see in our own individual lives in the 21st century? 

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