Casual Wednesdays
Casual Wednesdays

Casual Wednesday Winter 2019

Join us in January for Casual Wednesdays featuring teaching from Pastor David (small group leadership) and Pastor Brad (Studies in John) as well as our community meal at 5:30 in Langill Hall. 

Lecture Schedule:

January 9

Small Group: Forms of Small Group Ministry

The purposes, strengths, and weaknesses, of various forms of small group ministry


John Study: On a Midnight Clear

In John 1, the author opens his gospel with a sense of subtle hiddenness. His name is withheld until v. 29 but a vivid description is given. The "Light of life". 

Reading in Preparation: John 1


January 16

Small Group: Don't Pool Ignorance

Preparation and good questions as the keys to learning


John Study: Beginning Again

In John 3 Jesus encounters the perfect Pharisee; Nicodemus. Both men are concerned about the Kingdom of God. But Jesus sees the Kingdom as a matter of God's presence as opposed to following rules and regulations. 

Reading in Preparation: John 3

 Listen to "Beginning Again"


January 23

Small Groups: We're in this Together

Group ownership, fostering community, stages of community


John Study: The Samaritan Encounter

Jesus went out of his way to encounter people who were on the fringe of society. Children were comfortable around him and so were immoral women. But what does Jesus say about himself in this strange encounter on the road through Samaria?

Reading in Preparation: John 4 

 Listen to "The Samaritan Encounter"


January 30 NO CLASSES

Pastor David and Brad at Colorado Springs for ECO National Conference


February 6

Small Group: It ain't always easy

How to handle conflict and typical problems that may arise. 


John Study: A Big Lunch

Jesus once referred to himself as "The Bread of Life". The metaphor conjurs up images of people who haven't had enough to eat, or maybe the wrong things to eat. 

Reading in Preparation: John 6

 Listen to "A Big Lunch"


February 13

Small Group: Beyond the Curriculum

How to incorporate prayer and worship into your small group experience. 


John Study: A Shepherd People

Shepherds were not considered a high class occupation in the first century. Yet Jesus frequently invoked this image to describe the relationship between Himself and his people. 

Reading in preparation: John 10

 Listen to "The Good Shepherd"


February 20

Small Group: Missions and Missional Small Groups

An evening with John and Patty Terech. 


John Study: Incident at Bethlehem

The resurrection of Lazarus is an amazing miracle. Yet it's not recorded in the first three gospels. What was Jesus demonstrating by waiting several days before showing up to help Lazarus?

Reading in preparation: John 11

 Listen to "Incident at Bethlehem"


February 27

Small Group: Advanced Fishbowl Extravaganza!


John Study: A Long Talk

Much of John's gospel is dedicated to one week; Holy Week. And in the midst of that segment, most of the attention is devoted to one night; Maundy Thursday. During that night Jesus gave what's called the Upper Room Discourse where he gives his final instructions before his death. 

Reading in preparation: John 15-17

Listen to "A Long Talk"


March 6

Small Group: The Art of Leading Table Discussion. 

Preparation for our series on Bonnhoefer during the Season of Lent. 


John Study: Darkness

In the Apostle's Creed we recite the words "descended into hell." We don't mean that Jesus visited the location of hell, but that the punishment and curse of hell was thrust upon him while he was on the cross. That's the "descent" we refer to in the Creed. 

Reading in preparation: John 19

Listen to "Darkness"