Justification 2
Justification 2

Adult Sunday School "Justification"

Before we can be 'doers of the Word', we must first be students of the Word. Palm City Presbyterian is happy to provide recordings of our popular Adult Sunday School class presented from Langill Hall on Sunday mornings at 9:45.

Current Series: "Justification by Faith Alone"

In this series, Dr. Brad Klostreich examines justification — the way in which we are declared righteous by God — as he explains the biblical teaching regarding justification. Demonstrating that Christ’s righteousness is reckoned to us by faith alone, we joins with Martin Luther in calling the church to proclaim boldly that this doctrine is integral to the gospel of God.

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The Life of Martin Luther

The 95 Thesis

The Roman Catholic View

Defining our Terms

By Faith Alone 

Paul's Letter to the Romans

The Consequences of Justification

Questions and Answers

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Our next class begins October 1, 2017!