2019 February Sermon Series

This month, we hear highlights from the book of Ezekiel about the man and his message. We learn how God deals with his people. Join us!

Feb. 10th: “There Once Was a Priest Who Wasn’t” (Ezekiel 2:1‒3:4)
Ezekiel was supposed to be a priest, but the Babylonians destroyed the Temple. God made him a prophet instead. God uses the broken pieces of our lives for his purpose.

Feb. 17th: “The Jealous God” (Ezekiel 6:1-10)
God sent his people a harsh message: God tolerates no rivals. Yet even God’s judgement has a redemptive purpose.

Feb. 24th: “The Dry Bones” (Ezekiel 37:1-14)
God can give life where there is no life. Therefore, we are never without hope.